Funny how you truly learn from your mistakes, or do you really? It has taken six years for Lisa and I to figure plant spacing. I blame this mostly on my spring fever. Like wearing a new pair of Kicks, I can’t help myself jumping from one plan to another updating new items.  I go to mother earth garden planner’ and ink in the varietals we seed saved from last year, Look at our restaurant purchases from our produce company to cover our heavy usages, and plan for our restaurant guests preferences for our in house restaurant farm stand. So, all is well and good Right?! Lets not forget I mentally acquired my new Summer Sneakers. I run to  seek out the cool, hop to the unusual, and stop on a dime, for plants that may only support one dish I have in my head to unveil. (Lisa won’t let me forget Papalo), however I did find, and propagate, with great success, Epazote and the “toothache plant”.  Now when we make our Borrachos Beans, Epazote (which is called the Diesel Plant) transcends those same beans to a whole new level of deliciousness. The tooth ache plant has so many uses both in “electric” Cocktails as well as possessing incredible medicinal remedies too. I won’t give up these searches for the unusual but I promise to get better on the Layout and listen to Lisa a little bit more in the future, and I mean a very little bit.Some will say It takes some of us a little longer around the learning Curve. I think it has something to do with Sneakers.