Today’s Hot Special Blackboard

Beef Bourguignon Slow Roasted Beef in a Red wine infused Brown Sauce laced with Bacon, Carrots, Onions and served with a Puff Pastry over Yukon Gold Potatoes

Scallop Stuffed Sole Wrapped in a Puff Pastry Rosette topped with a Sherry Butter Bread Crumb and a Lemon Cream Thyme Sauce served over a Bed Of Vegetable Rice with Swiss Chard and Onion

Buttermilk Fried Boneless Chicken Thigh Dinner with Scallion Studded Mashed Potatoes, Tasso Ham and Milk Gravy and Nick’s House Made Jalapeno Drop Biscuit

Breaded, Sautéed Eggplant Roulade with Chicken and Mild Italian Sausage, Ricotta and Mozzarella served over Penne Pasta with homemade Tomato Sauce Finished with Pesto Cream

Take Five Cookery’s House Roasted Beef with Black Pepper Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Roasted Sweet Red Pepper, Green Leaf Lettuce, Garden Tomato, Red Onion with Horseradish Dijonnaise Served on a Ciabatta Club Roll

Barbecue Smoked, Super Trim Corned Beef Brisket Sandwich with Cheddar Cheese, Celery Root Slaw, Crispy Red Onions and our Russian Dressing

Today’s Fresh Artisan Salad
Grilled Flat Steak with Pure Ripper Rub, Served over a Fried Flour Tortilla with Black Bean and Corn Salsa, Salsa Fresca, Mexican Rajas and Lime infused Sour Cream with Chipotle Laced Ranch Dressing

Today’s Homemade Soups
Fall Vegetable Soup Pistou
BBQ Chicken and Bean Soup
Southwest Chicken Tortilla
Cream of Mushroom

Today’s Grab and Go Sandwich
Chicken Gyro Grilled Marinated Lemon Chicken, Tzatziki Sauce, Marinated Split Campari Tomatoes, English Cucumber, Minced Red Onion Served with CLCC Micro Greens and Greek Style Feta sauce laced with House Made Preserved Moroccan Lemon
(Located in Grab and Go Cooler)

Today’s Healthy Grain Bowl Selection
Sushi Grade Aji Tuna Marinated in a Chili Garlic Sauce with Sesame Oil, Honey and Fresh Ginger, Avocado, English Cucumbers, Edamame, Mango and Toasted Sesame Seeds
(Located in our Grab and Go Cooler)