Today’s Hot Special Blackboard

Sous Vide Cooked then California Red Oak Smoked Tri- Tip  Steak Dinner offered with Home Made Sweet Onion Gravy and Roasted Baby Yukon Gold Potatoes with Garlic Butter
$ 8.95

Sautéed Cod Almandine with a Flour and Dipped Filet topped with a Lemon laced Cream Sauce served with Fresh Sautéed Almonds over Rice Pilaf

Take Five’s Home Made Meatball Lasagna with Ricotta, Mozzarella, and Parmesan Cheese, with Home Made Tomato Sauce

Sautéed Chicken Breast served with an Asian influenced Sweet Ginger Barbecue Glaze with Sheared Carrots, Marinated Cucumbers and Cilantro, served over Rice

Locally Produced Grilled Hot Italian Sausage with Ricotta and Fresh Garden Basil Spread, Julienne Mixed Peppers and Sliced Onions, served on a Fresh Grinder Roll with Home Made Ragu, and Garlic Butter finished with a Provolone Cheese sauce with Fresh Herbs

Take Five Cookery’s House Roasted Beef with House Cured and Smoked Jalapeno Pepper Bacon, Monterey Pepper Jack Cheese, Cilantro,Tomato and Kevman’s Chipotle Mayonnaise

Today’s Fresh Made Salad

Summer Salad with Blueberry Goat Cheese, Honey and Chopped Mixed Nuts drizzled over Split Black Mission Figs, Marinated Fennel, Hard Cooked Eggs and Garden Zucchini “Spaghetti” over Mesclun Greens, topped with Glazed Spiced Almonds and Poppy seed Vinaigrette

Today’s Home Made Soups