Today’s Hot Special Blackboard

Take Five’s Home Made Meatball Lasagna with Ricotta, Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese, with Homemade Tomato Sauce Topped with Imported Fresh Parmesan Cheese  finished with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chicken Saltimbocca variation with Fresh Sage, Speck (Smoked Prosciutto Ham), Ricotta Cheese, Spinach and Panko with a Chardonnay Wine Laced Sage Cream Sauce Served over Grilled Polenta

Southwest Grilled Half Pound Steak Burger on our Toasted Brioche Bun with a Roasted Mild Poblano Chile Rellenos, Green Chile Sauce, Chipotle Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Southwest Tomato Schmear, Roasted Red Onions and Chihuahua Cheese Served with Pickled Jalapeno Chilies and Chipotle Dusted French Fries

Panko Crumb Breaded Boston Scrod Topped with a Sweet a Fresh Mango Salsa  served over Rice Pilaf

Home Made Guinness Beef Stew slowly simmered with Carrots, Fresh Parsnips, Yukon Gold Potatoes, In a rich Guinness Laced Brown Sauce, served in a fresh made Bread Bowl

Hamilton County Chicken Breast Sandwich with Roasted Sliced Red Bell Pepper, Fontina Cheese, Black Pepper Bacon with Lettuce and our House Made Tomato Schmear on a Ciabatta Roll

Today’s Fresh Made Artisan Salad
Lump Crab, Shrimp and Seafood Cake with Sliced Avocado, Seasoned Cherry Tomatoes and Cucumbers served with Lime  infused Croutons, Hard Boiled Eggs, Pickled Red Onion and offered with Home Made Poppy Seed Dressing

Today’s Homemade Soups
Carrot Ginger Soup
Chicken and Tortilla Soup with Tomatillos
Vegetarian Ratatouille

Today’s Grab and Go Sandwich
Sliced Smoked Turkey with Black Pepper Bacon, Fresh Roasted Red Bell Peppers, Guinness Cheddar Cheese, Baby Arugula with House Made Tomato Jam offered on  Ciabatta Club Roll $8.49

Today’s Healthy Choice Grain Bowl
Yucatan Quinoa Taco Bowl Quinoa, Shredded Roasted Chicken with Mexican Chili Sauce, Black Beans, Salsa Fresca, Shredded Cabbage, Quick Pickled Red Onions Sour Cream and an Avocado Vinaigrette