Today’s Hot Special Blackboard

Grilled Moroccan Ginger-Lemon Chicken Dinner with  Chicken Thighs with Cumin Coriander Grilled Lemons with a drizzle of honey to Finish the Dish served over Toasted Orzo

Boston Scrod with Home Made Fresh Bread Crumbs served over a  Fresh Garden Picked Ratatouille and Served with Roasted Potatoes

Penne Pasta with sautéed Mushrooms, Mixed Garden Fresh Squash, Eggplant and Baby Kale, Split Tomatoes  and Spinach served with a Chardonnay Cream Sauce

Fully Loaded Deep Fried Buttermilk Soaked Chicken Sandwich with Cheddar Cheese, Panko Finish Roasted Jalapeno served with Lettuce, Tomato and Red onion and a Zesty Chipotle Ranch Sauce

House Made BLT with Garden Picked Soldacki Variety Tomatoes, Apple Smoked Bacon, Green Leaf Lettuce and Mayonnaise on 12 Grain Bread

Super Trimmed Corned Beef Reuben on Grilled Pittsfield Rye Co. Rye Bread with Thousand Island Dressing, Swiss Cheese and Home Made Cole Slaw

Today’s Fresh Made Salad

Buffalo Style Panko Chicken Salad with the traditional zesty sauce served over Mesclun Greens and Romaine Hearts, with Carrot  Celery , Grape Tomatoes, and  Locally farmed Micro Greens from CLCC. Served with Home Made Bleu Cheese Croutons and Blue Cheese  Dressing

Today’s Home Made Soups

On the Hot Soup Line
Chicken, Chorizo, Poblano chili and Cheese Soup
Garden Tomato Soup
Served from the Kitchen
Chicken Curry and Garden Zucchini