Today’s Hot Special Blackboard

Dill–Crusted Norwegian Salmon with a light Fresh Dill and bread crumb topping served with a House Made Carrot and Kale Rice with a fresh dill cream reduction sauce

Sautéed Chicken Breast with Pancetta served with a Fresh Basil Cream Sauce over Rice Pilaf

Panko Breaded Boneless Pork Loin Chop served with a House Made fresh Brown Gravy and Mashed Russet Potatoes

Penne Pasta with Diced  Roasted Chicken Breast, Split Grape Tomatoes, Sautéed Mushrooms and Fresh Baby Spinach in a Chardonnay infused Cream Sauce $8.95

Carnitas Pork on Indian Fry Bread with  Chihuahua and other Blended Cheese, House made pinto beans, Red Hatch Chili
Ranchero Sauce topped with Jalapeno Sauce, served with Salsa Fresca, Lime Crema and Pickled Red Onion

Today’s Fresh Made Salad

Take Five Cookery Chicken Salad with Pecans and Craisins served over mixed greens and romaine hearts with  grape tomatoes, Sliced Apple, orange spiked feta cheese, Red Onion and Citrus Croutons with Cranberry vinaigrette

Today’s Home Made Soups

On the Hot Soup Line
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Chicken with Vegetables